A Tiny Vid


Street Meet is a new short on our Animations page (finally!) By the illustrator or Travelate (Who is now running by the name VCTravelauthor). Feel free to have a look there or on Youtube and Newgrounds.

We don't know if travelation animation is going to continue but we hope you like the new video all the same. Travelate should have some more comics coming soon.


More of the stupid


BOOMSharky has uploaded the next dumb video from the selection of dumb videos at our disposal. Head over to the Shorts page to see it or have a look on Youtube.

Due to general life happening our production schedule has slowed dramatically but rest assured that things are still in progress as we get the chances to actually work on them. Hardware is becomeing more and more of an issue as is schedules colliding what with the day jobs and such. The point is we haven't given up doing this stuff because. after all, we enjoy doing it.

More from us soon.


We Dropped Everything


We are picking up where we left off. Due to a shared project that suffered many hiccups (Including the total lack of Internet that lasted for 2.5 weeks) we suffered a brief hiatus but now we're champing at the bit to get back into what we were doing.


BoomSharky shorts are back in editing, Travelate is back to being week-daily and the illustrator is just putting the finishing touches on his own animated short, The Cheapshot Prelude Episode 0.2 is looking forward to getting recorded and animated, etc. etc. etc.

The point is we're sorry we left and it won't happen again. not without warning next time, at least.


Travelearlier Than Expected


Travelate is now coming out every weekday. There is no exact time of day that it will be uploaded yet but we will see if that can be arranged in the future.


The illustrator has told us he is also working of a simple animated short that should be out within the next few weeks. Naturally it will be showcased here, on the Animations page and on the Vertical Circus facebook page.

The Team.

Shark Net


BOOMSharky has just finished filming 3 more ridiculous shorts to be posted on the Shorts page as soon as they're deemed "ready."

We'll let you know, as soon as that is, both here on on our social media pages. They will be hosted on
Youtube where you can see all the VC vids as they come.


Also, We will be uploading a better version of QUICK! as soon as we get the chance. It will also be moved to the Vertical Circus Youtube channel for convenience.

You'll have a blast.

Feeling Content


The first episode of our four-part prelude series has been put online for your enjoymant. It is able to be viewed on our Newgrounds channel or in the "Animations" window here on our site. Meet the first of our heroes in this short introductory episode to our feature animation series: Cheapshot

Feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think, although you will have to navigate your way over to www.newgrounds.com in order to do that. We fully understand it has a ways to go but isn't that the exciting part? This is only the beginning. The pre-beginning, even!

So much to do... But we got this.


Panel Pushers


We've just been informed that there will be more Travelate to come in the next week or two and that it will be very regular. Weekday-regular.

So any of you out there hoping to sink a few seconds into a short giggle every now and then should have exactly that opportunity whenever you feel like it. If you haven't had a look at it by now you could be missing out. Or not. Depends what you're in to.

It's all good.

More Stuff


Things are continuing unhindered. You may have noticed a few changes around the website that we hope will help general readability and if it happens to add a bit of depth too who's to worry?

We are trying to simply streamline all our conflicting schedules and living situations but rest assured we'll be ready when we're ready. We are loath to keep you waiting but unfortunately this is the compromise.


Keep a weather eye on the site and you'll hear more from us soon.

from: The Team.

Things Are Happening


We've been busy as bees during exam week trying to get the website up to scratch. It turns out comics, animation and short videos are rather a lot of work. As a start-up, trying to get the best quality content we can to make all of you wonderful people smile has been a time consuming process that we only hope pays off in your joy.

And so, here we are. On the verge of moving past our pitch content and into the real grit of creating things to as much of a regular schedule as we dare to call it. The biggest task on our list is getting this hub of ours working.
It's coming along.

That's all for now, keep an eye out and we'll see if anything new comes along.

from: The Team.


Coming Up


Shortly we will be releasing the first of a four part prelude to our feature animated series. keep a look out on Facebook and Google+ for updates.


Did you hear that? it sounded like a bird. it was just for a second, a little twitter. Speaking of...

Vertical Circus will be starting up it's Twitter page (because we're groovy, hip and "with it") in the near future. We'll give you all the information you may need to follow us when it gets going. Just hold tight until then, little birds.


All 3 of you keeping an eye on our Travelate comic series is going to start finding more and more installments very soon.


More to come.



Welcome to the first piece of Vertical Circus news. Todays topic is the fact that "Vertical Circus" is active and on the warpath to make some of the funniest and coolest comics, animations and shorts on the Internet.


It all starts here, with the first blog and you. This site will allow us to carve out our own space online for people to see what we do, the way we want it done. It's not a big space, but there is room to grow and THAT is the point.


There will be epic adventures, insane situations, bad puns, action, drama, you name it, there is a place for it here. Everyone has stories they wish to tell and we will do our best to show you ours. With imagination and creativity forced through artistic mediums (whatever they happen to be) we look forward to sharing all the stories we can muster for you to enjoy. It won't be overnight. It will take time and diligence. It will require practice and learning but we won't let you down.


Our glorious leader and overlord known only as "VCPenguin" has made it clear to all involved that although our content may not be from the top shelf just yet, each step forward will only ever be "the next step" as we constantly strive to be the best we can be and do the best we can do. Join us, guide us, and share in our development as a business and as entertainers.


Let's get started.

2014 - 2015 Vertical Circus Productions