Travelate is the day by day retelling of two brothers' four month trip to Europe.

The most entertaining part of each day was recorded and now illustrated exclusively for the fans of Vertical Circus Comics.


Join Penn and Scoot on their misadventures and mistakes while abroad.


  • Day 000: Primer

    Penn and Scoot look at each other for a long moment. They jump and high-five while excitedly yelling "four months in Europe!"
  • Day 001: Thirty-Two

    The boys hear an announcement and prepare to board the plane for Europe. They are then sitting down realizing they need to be called first.
  • Day 002: North Meets South

    Scoot meets Rich in a bar and suggests they travel Europe together. ich could not be more happy to accept and fist pumps the air with joy.
  • Day 003: Impromptu Immigration

  • Day 004: Sickness

  • Day 005: Back Alley Paradise

  • Day 006: In Soviet Italy...

  • Day 007: Classics

  • Day 008: Diplomatic  Response

  • Day 009: Height of Achievement

  • Day 010: Paw Attention Span

  • Day 011: Kneed's of the Many

  • Day 012: Optimism

  • Day 013: Pizza-DOH!

  • Day 014: And They Breed

  • Day 015: Thankyou Stranger

  • Day 016: Friends Make the World Go 'Round

  • Day 017: Jellbow

  • Day 018: aCouStIcs: Malta

  • Day 019: Unexpected Success

  • Day 020: Not Angry, Just Disappointed

  • Day 021: Classic and Cult

  • Day 022: Brotherly Shove

  • Day 023: Culture Swap

  • Day 024: What-er Bottle?

  • Day 025: To the Licker Go the Spoils

  • Day 026: Days End

  • Day 027: A Relative Effort

  • Day 028: Ink-redible Discomfort

  • Day 029: A Simple Matter

2014 - 2015 Vertical Circus Productions

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