Meet Rod and Liam. Please Continue follows two room mates living in the suburbs.

Rod: A no-nonsense academic with a soft spot for the cat he hates.

& Liam: A young student who tries to stay on most people's good side.


Did we mention they're based on true stories?

  • Please Continue 001: Tasteless

    Rod enters the kitchen to see what Liam is cooking. Liam asks him to try it. Rod takes a sip. "Hm." Rod's head explodes with flavor. thumbs up.
  • Please Continue 002: Mind Your Step

    Rod is reading on the couch. Liam passes behind him several times, each time stubbing his toe. Rod finally tackles Liam "How are you so clumsy?"
  • Please Continue 003: Blown Away

    The two sit at the table. Rod stifles a belch before releasing it. The exhalation wafts over to Liam tusslinig his hair. Liam jumps up horrified
  • Please Continue 004: Short'n'Sweet

    Liam runs outside to greet the icecream truck. He orders a rediculous icecream. He realizes the price and throws it on the ground nonchalantly.
  • Please Continue 005: Radow Ga Ga

    Rod starts to swing the cat around while baby talking. Liam warns him against it. Rod starts to object. We see Rod is clawed and scratched badly
  • Please Continue 006: Ready in Five (Rod)

    The two need to go shopping. Rod collects his wallet, keys and flipflops before getting in the car with Liam.

2014 - 2015 Vertical Circus Productions

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